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This version included vocals by Shaggy. It's Shaggy, ducking in and out with his own rapid-fire lyric take, an inspired bit of casting that turns the romantic ballad on its head. It debuted on the Billboard Hot at number 49, [24] and reached a peak position of five in its 10th week, [25] becoming Lauper's fourth consecutive top five in the U. In Canada, the single peaked at number seven on the RPM singles chart in December , [30] and was certified gold by the Music Canada in January In the United Kingdom, the song did not perform as well as Lauper's previous releases.

It debuted at number 82 on the UK Singles Chart in November , peaking at number 64, staying only six weeks on the chart. Credits adapted from the album liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All Through The Night (Chorus Only)

A 30 second sample from the song, which addresses the concept of love. Billboard Hot [25] 5 U. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary [27] 4 U. The Washington Post. Retrieved Chicago Tribune. Akron Beacon Journal. Los Angeles Times. Chicago Sun-Times. The Howard Stern Show. May 22, Alfred Publishing Inc. Archived from the original on 1 May Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

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Philadelphia Inquirer. Archived from the original on Sensible Sound. Palm Beach Post. News Tribune. Now here I am livin' in the middle of an alley,. Sleepin' in a cardboad box. And in the heart of the city in the winter it's a pity,. The raindrops come down like rocks. They come down like rocks. Won't Let Go of the Party. The waitress cleared the table,. The bouncer's sayin' "Let's hit the road",. Another early-morning girl's feeling just a little bit low.

Yeah, she know that lonely feeling,. She's been kicked out many times before. She'll take a twelve-pack out the back door,. A six-pack out the front door to go. And she won't let go of the party,. She can't let go of the night. She can't believe that the evening's over. And she won't give up without a fight.

Now she starts to grinnin'. Everybody's looking for a lover who won't get too close. A bringin'-home-the-bacon man is not the kind of lover she needs,.

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Just someone to relieve these early-mornin' blues she feels. Well, the morning sun has broken. All the cheap words that were spoken last night. Yeah, another party's over, she's gotta face that morning light. Driving down the road she starts to think. Of all the lovers she's known,. Her real lover's waitin' at home. She's My Hero. She was young and beautiful, the world was at her feet. She could've chosen a bright young man. Or a job workin' on Wall Street,. But her heart was calling her elsewhere. And her mind was settled too.

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She traded in her high-heeled shoes for a pair of Army boots. And she trained herself to do what must be done. Through the pain and tears, she learned to carry a gun. She found a way to be tough as nails but kept her tender heart;. She just wanted to do her part. She's a wife, a sister, she's a soldier, too,. And she loves to defend the red, white and blue.

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She's a hero. She's an American woman. She was always ready to do what was required,. From the heart of the Revolution to the heat of Hiltler's fire. She served in Korea, crossed the swamps of Viet Nam,. She built a road in Afghanistan,. Flew a plane through Desert Storm. As she changed herself to meet the new enemy,. She remained herself, resolute and free. She gave it all 'cuz she understood the call of destiny.

And the cry of liberty. Every night when she's all alone,. That's the time when her thoughts drift home. She send her prayers on angel's wings,. Amazing women do amazing things. Yeah, she's my hero. Yeah, she is beautiful. While we always carry Tommy in our hearts and music, it is only right that he carries his name, Country Roads, with him to heaven It's hot and dry in Houston town; Who'd believe the sun could get me down? Some day soon we'll be walkin' down that aisle, But today this old rig's got me tied And I'm countin' the nights to your side.

Chorus So let the rain come down, let it fall. When the daffodils bloom, then I'll be Comin' home to you and spring in Tennessee. In my mind you'll always be My wild and sweet southern lady.

All Through The Night Lyrics

Our lonely days will soon be gone 'Cuz I've saved up my pay to get married on. We'll put some down on a little farm, I'll keep you safe and we'll keep each other warm And every Saturday night we'll have a date. Winds are warmin', weather's stormin', The wind's callin' out my name, Sayin, "Come on home again. Glim Meet me in the kitchen, baby, half past eight, Meet me in the kitchen, baby, don't be late.

We'll cook us up some dinner, honey, yeah, just me and you; Stir up something special, kinda like we used to do. Throw open all the cupboards and see what we got, Toss it down, mix it in, then kick it up a notch, Meet me in the kitchen, baby, just me and you.

Chorus I'll meet you by the island, spin you 'round the floor, Love you 'til the sun says it's dark no more Kiss you by the 'frigerator, kiss you by the door, Kiss you by the oven, baby, then I'll kiss you some more. Meet me in the kitchen, honey, pour the olive oil, Creme brulee, cheese souffle, fricasee or stew, Apple pie, a jambalaya, anything'll do, Just meet me in the kitchen, momma, just me and you. So meet me in the kitchen, honey, What do you say? No thirty-minute meal for your man tonight, We've got the time, we've got the place, the mood is just right, Meet me in the kitchen, darlin', don't think twice.

Glim I remember when you were three, What a precious blonde flower you were to me. I remember when you were seven years old, "Daddy, would you marry me? Yeah, the storms will come And the storms will pass; I'll always be there for you. I remember when you were just sixteen, Thought you were in love, Thought this was the real thing. I remember when you were twenty years old, You met Christ for the very first time And spoke His name so bold.

Yeah, the storms will come And the storms will pass; He'll always be there for you. Then you met a man, said "Daddy, he's the one", And he loves you, yeah he loves you Like an angel from above. But it's no big surprise -- I can see it in his eyes, He'll fight through all the hardship to keep your love alive. She get up on the couch with her favorite book And holds on for the ride. She lets it take her to a far-off land, Silver castles reach to the sky And ladies-in-waiting and knights in white armor Always show up for the fight.

And she rides the pages like a bird rides the wind, Soaring through her stories of love. Chorus Oo-ooh, Liana. She's growin' up to be a beauty With a mind as wide as the sea And it takes her to places and wide-open spaces Where her teenage heart can run free. She lets it take her to a far-off land, Teen magazines grow on trees, Starlets and limos and fashion-plate heroes Are everyday company.

And every night when work is through My heart goes back to you, Tending the kids and the land. I never thought I'd be the one to say I was sorry, Now, honey, that's all I can do. We let the little foxes in, the silly arguments begin, But nothing matters next to you. Don't let the shadows shade our easy harmony, You're the best of the blessings to me. Chorus Girl, I remember How we met on a night in September.

You were wearing blue when you walked into my heart And I knew right from the start That our love was a treasure From above, without measure. I was always searching, nearly gave up believing That a special woman waited just for me. Then when I felt most defeated, there you were, Your smile completed something inside the heart of me.

Baby, I need you Like the sailor needs the sea. You've got a hot tongue And a cold shoulder, Marlene. Yeah, you've been runnin' me down all over town, You burn me up and then you turn me down. I gave you all of my love, even called you my dove, I built you a home but you left it to roam. Chorus Marlene, Marlene, why do you treat your man so mean?

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Now everything's gone but I'm still holdin' on, Sweet thing with a bitter sting, Marlene. I used to wonder just who you are, But now I know and you've gone too far, Marlene. Like the first time she kissed me, She caught me so off guard, That perfect little mouth, parting lips, pressing hard. And I'm sure last night she touched me And loved me all through the night, 'Cuz I've never known another Whose body fit so right, Just like it did a couple days before I lost her last June, When she thought that without a doubt I could hang the moon.

Chorus Or could it be the man in the moon And how he shines his lovelight on my bedroom? Last night I swear I heard her singing That song she loved so much. Or could it be just a figment of my imagination, Or maybe a broadcast of salvation From heaven't true-love station? I was struttin' and a-steppin' with an eye for the ladies, Workin' on my elementary ways. Bobby was my brother, we were made for each other, Two cool boys as cool as can be.

We used to laugh at all the teachers and the honor student creatures, Seemed so out of place to me. Yeah, I remember walkin' down the hallways in my high school Back in my wilder days. Didn't wanna go to class, didn't wanna learn a thing, Just a-waitin' for the bell to ring. My Music. This will be your default for searching and browsing, but we'll still show you results for other languages.

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