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Chinese Shogun: Gao Huan Dogen's primer on the nonmoral virtues of the good person. The book illustrates the medieval mindset of conquest attributed to Minamoto Yoritomo and reveals the world of the samurai ethic of Japan. Secure payment via PayPal. Proven customer service excellence. Competitive prices.

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We leave feedback first. Proven customer service excellence 30 days return policy Competitive prices We leave feedback first. Sun Tzu. Legends of the Samurai. Hiroaki Sato. Samurai Wisdom. Samurai Strategies. Boye Lafayette De Mente. Frank Brinkley And Dairoku Kikuchi. Tachibana Minehide. Spencer Lewis. Alexander Bennett. Japan: an Attempt at Interpretation.

The Shogun Scrolls: Wield Power and Control Your Destiny ….

Lafcadio Hearn. An Introduction to the History of Japan. Katsuro Hara. Mohanachand Keerangi.

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    The Shogun's Scroll: Wield Power and Control Your Destiny

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