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The president has the power to make treaties with foreign governments, though the Senate must approve such treaties by a two-thirds majority. See Article History. Alternative Title: president of the United States of America.

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Read More on This Topic. The U. It is composed of the heads of executive departments…. Load Next Page. Presidency of the United States of America. Additional Reading. Arthur Nobelprize. Article Media.

Progressive Politics and the Elections of Wilson and Party Reform. The Art of Popular Leadership. Wilson as World Leader. The Harding Era. Herbert C. Hoover and the Great Depression. The Twentieth Amendment. Roosevelt to Dwight D. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Modern Presidency. Truman and Dwight D. John F.

7a. The Evolution of the Presidency

Lyndon B. Johnson and Presidential Government. The Twenty-Fifth Amendment. The Presidency of Richard Nixon. Gerald R. Ford and the Post-Watergate Era. A President Named Jimmy. Chapter 12 A Restoration of Presidential Power? Ronald Reagan and George Bush. The Reagan Revolution. A Reagan Court? The Bush Presidency.

The First Year of the Clinton Presidency. The Elections and the Restoration of Divided Government. The Comeback President. Bush v. The Early Months of the Bush Presidency. September 11 and the War on Terrorism. An Expanded Presidency. Bush and the Republican Party. Courts and Parties.

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Partisanship and Unilateralism at the Twilight of the Bush Presidency. The Elections. The New Foundation and Partisan Rancor. Obama, Partisanship, and the War on Terrorism. Taking Office. Forming the Administration.

The Courts. Trump and Congress. The Rhetorical Presidency. Foreign Policy. The Founding Period. The Vice Presidency in the Nineteenth Century. Theodore Roosevelt to Harry S. The Modern Vice Presidency. Constitution of the United States. Presidents and Vice Presidents.

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    Utah State University. Ted Ritter. Virginia Union University. Kenneth R. Texas Christian University. Key features. New scholarship has been included to refresh the discussion of the origins and development of the American presidency.